Braces vs. Invisalign

A perfect smile says a lot about you and your personality. It is mostly the first thing people come to see and appreciate of you. A perfect smile also forms your number one source of confidence. But what makes the perfect smile -your teeth arrangement. When your teeth aren’t correctly positioned inside your mouth, they affect how your jaws interlock and in effect influence the perfection and confidence displayed by your smile. This problem is, however, not permanent and irrespective of your age, your teeth can be straightened and a perfect smile restored. That said, the dilemma now comes in choosing either the braces or Invisalign to correct this defect.

What is the difference between Braces and Invisalign?

Though they are both meant to serve a similar purpose, Invisalign and braces differ in their mode of application. If you live around Tucson and choose to wear on Braces in Tucson to correct the alignment of your teeth, you will find that they have a relatively permanent solution. In some cases, once installed, they cannot be removed until your orthodontic is satisfied with their results.

On the other hand, if you opt for Invisalign in Tucson, you will find them more flexible. Apart from being plastic and light, they are also removable. In most cases, you are allowed to remove the Invisalign on such occasions as during brushing and eating.

Additionally, Invisalign is clear in color unlike their counterparts, the braces, that come in multiple colors. They, therefore, have a better aesthetic appeal, especially given the fact that they are barely noticeable. Importantly, the Invisalign tray doesn’t affect speech or inhibit your comfort in any way. Nevertheless, a good dentofacial orthopedic will advise that one considers their effectiveness before settling on either.

Just how effective are they?

Away from the color and flexibility indifferences, an informed patient will carefully consider the effectiveness of these tools when picking one that suits them well. While Invisalign remains more appealing and a lot more flexible than braces, it would be important to note that they take a longer time to achieve their purpose. Their flexibility and ease of removal may, therefore, be highly attributed to this fact.

However, if you choose to have the Top Orthodontist in Tucson to fix your teeth problem, you will be sure that it will be just for a short time. Given their more permanent nature and little disruption, braces will have your teeth back in position in no time.

Bottom line

While braces come in handy when you wish to correct your situation fast, Invisalign in Tucson, on the other hand, make the process flexible and unnoticeable. Your decision will, therefore, primarily be based on how tolerant you are of the time taken by either braces or Invisalign to achieve their purpose and how comfortable you are wearing either.

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