Why You Should Bring Your Child to an Orthodontist

Teaching your child how to care for their teeth starts at home.  However, home dental care is not enough.  Children should have regular dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings to ensure that their teeth remain in optimal health, and by the time your child reaches the age of seven, it is recommended that you bring your child to see an orthodontist for a screening.  The following information will help you to see why it is so essential to bring your child to see an orthodontist.

What Do Orthodontists Do?

Orthodontists examine teeth and jaws, to check for certain issues like overbites, crowded teeth, and cross-bites.  Even if your child’s teeth do not appear crooked or uneven to you, there are many warning signs of later dental issues that are quite easy to overlook.  That is why it is essential that you bring your child for his or her first Orthodontist appointment at the age of seven.  By seven year of age, your child’s teeth have developed to an extent that a skilled and experienced Orthodontist will be able to tell you whether your child is likely to experience major dental issues later in life.

What if My Child’s Orthodontist Finds Potential Dental Issues?

If your child’s Orthodontist finds potential dental issues at your child’s initial screening, the Orthodontist will work with you to create a plan of action to solve the problem.  The earlier that the problems are detected, the better off your child will be, as the Orthodontist will have a greater ability to direct and guide the way that your child’s jaw grows, and will also be able to influence the way that any new adult teeth grow into your child’s mouth.  If your child has signs of an overcrowded mouth, the Orthodontist can work to create additional space for permanent adult teeth.  By taking such steps, your Orthodontist will decrease your child’s likelihood of having impacted teeth, having issues swallowing, or developing speech issues due to the spacing of their teeth.

What Tools do Orthodontists Use to Help Your Child’s Teeth?

Orthodontists use devices like braces and retainers to straighten your child’s teeth, and to encourage your child’s teeth to grow in straight.  Today, there are many different types of braces and retainers that your child may be able to use.  For example, if your child is concerned about having silver braces that are easily seen, you may wish to speak to your Orthodontist about options for invisible or white braces that can better blend in with your child’s smile.  Likewise, there are different options for retainers.  If your child can wear his or her retainer at night rather than during the day, that will greatly decrease the likelihood of your child losing or breaking the retainer.

It is essential to teach your children how to take care of their teeth from a very young age.  Brushing teeth two times per day, and regularly flossing is a great way to help your child to preserve and maintain a healthy smile.  With proper home care, dental visits, and help from an Orthodontist, you can help your child to enjoy smiling, and to be proud of their beautiful smile.

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